Saturday, March 3, 2007

I will never go down or let my head go low.
Even if all the signs are telling me so.
I will never be someone else.
Or let others win on my expense.
I will never hide myself,
For fear of their rejection.
I will get my satisfaction and perfection.
I will never let their fears be mine.
Or make their lives my design.
I will never get trapped in the frame.
Or cought in the middle of someone's fame.
I will never put myself in a situation,
Where they study and asses my sensations.
I will never get stuck in an old story,
For an illusion of victory or rusty glory.
I will nevr let the world give me his rules,,
The rules are mine,
Iam the one to determine...
To live in floor,
to buy from my store..
And I will never.......
Live by the book,
Follow their clock,
Go on a stage of shock,
For what they say or how they look.
Iam myself...
And I create my thrill..
Without a gene or elf..
But only my will...........


posted by sporeforminghuman at 4:49 PM


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