Wednesday, March 7, 2007

that's new!!!

When I remember your face I can't help but smile.

Funny it is ,something strange is going in my mind.

Drifting me away,taking me to the farest mile.

Risky I know, I just can't fight.

It brings back childlish feelings only in a minute........

Havn't been there for long,

Why is it so strong?

Is it a new trick from my brain??

Then Iam definitly going insane.

Is it a way out?

A need that had sprout?

But,these eyes are so unique.

And,I feel it is a big mistake.

To follow that way.

Overcoming my day.

But the fact I can't doubt.

I always smile when I remember your face..

Just a feeling scaring me......and Iam trying to erase...


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